DRUNJUS - master tree finder C52

Two new side long pieces from Wisconsin's Drunjus, Master Tree Finder drones, chimes and resonates with two long Earthy Meditations..
Tangible and guttural, this narrative of basslines, brown notes, and whispered instructions sees Drunjus rumble through bleak drone-plains. You hear the thud of fingers working layers of feedback and mechanical hum into solid strata, building a soundscape barren and unforgiving yet organic, touched by foggy realism. It flickers, then flares, then dies out only to fizzle and brood in murky depths. Then slowly, purposefully it gains momentum, sucking in the weight through repetition until once more it chunders, bursting blackness and light. Fragile keyboard melodies grow up between grey paving slabs of interstellar, cellar rock; dank dungeon drone; cave-like catacomb of charred chord progressions that disappear into the sharp, needles and screech of illumination.
limited to 40 copies