HUH. Huh C90

Hailing from Japan Huh are a duo consisting of Takuma Mori and Kyosuke Terada. Their glacially textured improv jams swirl in and out of dub, pop, punk, freeform jazz, psychedelia and noise. The first side is a continuous 45 minute jam that takes in all manner of explorations driven by some of the most awesome Improvised drumming and weird space alien vocalised mantras. Laser beams swirling amidst kaleidoscopic guitar, moments of sweet beautiful jewels build up into cacophonous mountains collapsing upon themselves and as the remnants settle, another biker lullaby is born riffing into oblivion… The flip side is broken down into five improvised pieces which bring us more ferociously pounding loose rhythms and synthesized skoozing vocals, like a playful dub roots petting zoo, reminiscent at times of the Slits, Cotton Casino, and NNCK. These guys are breaking through with these immense freeform jams and an emphasis on freeform! Huh receive and transmit something so accurately and pure that it emits liberation upon the listener. These guys sound like a present day Boredoms covering themselves from 15 years ago!