MICRODEFORM - Neural Regression. C50

Microdeform’s new album Neural Regression extends the exploration of space and granular sound layers displayed on the debut Mortlake into further expressive realms of aural diffraction. Jazz and Classical motifs are refracted by physical audio manipulation through a tapestry of tones – from the lone horn calling across the fog of memory and melody on opener ‘Reverie’ to the bursts of trapped String Players encased in the drowning swirl of closer ‘Provenance’.
In between, Neural Regression exemplifies Microdeform’s attention to every sonic opportunity in detail and space, tone and timbre. The coruscating loop maelstrom of ‘The Fire of Revolution’, spectral blast-furnace future of ‘Crosstalk’, thundering industrial wave- machine churn of the title track and the subtle yet foreboding sense of unease of 'Self Exile' point to many directions of departure within the central exploratory framework. Neural Regression is a further deeper step into Microdeform's signature sound-world. (Anthony Brown)
Limited run comes in a Metallic Bronze Screen-printed wrap-around Dust Jacket.