MICRODEFORM - Neural Regression. C50

Microdeform’s new album Neural Regression extends the exploration of space and granular sound layers displayed on the debut Mortlake into further expressive realms of aural diffraction. Jazz and Classical motifs are refracted by physical audio manipulation through a tapestry of tones – from the lone horn calling across the fog of memory and melody on opener ‘Reverie’ to the bursts of trapped String Players encased in the drowning swirl of closer ‘Provenance’.
In between, Neural Regression exemplifies Microdeform’s attention to every sonic opportunity in detail and space, tone and timbre. The coruscating loop maelstrom of ‘The Fire of Revolution’, spectral blast-furnace future of ‘Crosstalk’, thundering industrial wave- machine churn of the title track and the subtle yet foreboding sense of unease of 'Self Exile' point to many directions of departure within the central exploratory framework. Neural Regression is a further deeper step into Microdeform's signature sound-world. (Anthony Brown)

Limited run comes in a Metallic Bronze Screen-printed wrap-around Dust Jacket.
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COIMS - The Gims. C35

Bristol's forward thinking primitives, Coims finally release their new album on Bumtapes and we couldn't be happier. The duo's live set has been opening a few heads recently with its free form experimental clatter and minimal driftings, and their studio recordings don't disappoint either.
This new tape documents some serious studio workouts. Reminiscent of early Jackie-O Motherfucker or a stripped down NNCK. Ritual is broken by exploding kernels of outer percussive sounds, sonic vignettes punctured by hammered strings and the industrial throb are swept along by a wave of improv . Mind blown.
limited to 60 copies. Numbered and Hand Screen-printed on heavy card stock.

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THE EVIL USSES - Giblets C35

Free form lo-fi jazz weirdness from Bristol's Evil Usses. limited edition of 30
a word or two from Evil HQ...
In the Autumn of 2014 the Evil Usses received a telegram at their Bristol headquarters from Professor David Pepper in Fishguard. The details were oblique but the mission was clear - travel to the end of time and try to capture the disintegrating fabric of reality on the Atlantic edge, document the ultimate death and re-birth of the Welsh dream and save the Princesses. The band enlisted the services of renowned cartographer and natural historian Roberto Oggiano, who by chance had recently recovered a Little Tykes cassette recorder from the depths of the Marianas trench, a special tool for the recycling of time, myth and music. 
     For six days they toiled across the mountains and moors, trailers loaded with amplifiers and victual provisions. Fortuitously, outside Abergavenny they encountered the roving alchemist Mattheo Bortone and his travelling pharmacy, who supplied them with the rare finger fungus that would make it possible for them to survive the extreme habitats of Fishguard. 
    As they neared the far western coastline, a spectral fog enveloped the convoy, causing great confusion and unprecedented distortions. The last thing they heard was the cry of Professor Pepper's bells from the tower of the Council of Wizards, a bleak refrain in the night, a desperate wail of electronic organ, the crumbling of the Strumble Head, a thousand seagulls in phased revolt. 
    Eighteen months later, a cassette tape was hand delivered to the Evil HQ by messengers unknown; the band claim no memory of it's creation. T h i s   i s   G I B L E T S.

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HEART MUSEUM - Klare Tage C30

Recorded in Berlin and Bristol, early 2012, using electric guitars, sleepdrone 6, pocket piano, microkorg, korg monotribe, voice, various effect-pedals, e-bow, zoom H1, a tube amp and the RC20 looper.
HM is Artem Bezukladnikov, based in Berlin and active since 2008. Klare Tage is the last release under the Heart Museum moniker - an ode to Bristol, the old Bumtapes HQ, english tea, lazy afternoons, Ross Roberts’ record collection and the everloving memory of Joey Chainsaw. Excerpts of the b-side were used in the movie „Swimmers“ by Kristina Paustian, screening right now in selected international festivals. 
Screen-printed Edition of 30
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With a shared use of cassettes, sampling and lo-fi bedroom production a collaboration seemed a natural choice when Stuart Chalmers and Graham Dunning first met in September 2014.
Following a recording session at The Island in Bristol with Henry Collins at the controls, the two each filled a C60 and swapped them over. With half of the material each, they worked independently, overdubbing, re-sampling and live mixing to create new tracks.
Stuart Chalmers is a tape scavenger exploring the poetry of old cassettes, junk, household objects, electronics, contact mics and synths.
Graham Dunning is an artist, musician and producer working with rhythm and drone, things that people throw away, DIY and collage.
cover design from a collage by Jay Harper
Screen printed covers. Limited edition of 30
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GAS 2 - the complete Batman & Skeleton strips.

The complete Batman & Skeleton comic strips. collected together for the first time,
Gas 2 follows the high and drunken mania of two out of work bums. born from a series
of latenight improvised comic "Jams" by Ross Lovelock & Joey Chainsaw.  
40 pages. Glued, handbound, xeroxed and screenprinted by Bathtub Printing.
Limited to 20 copies. £10
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FAG RADIO - Bristol Broadcast Archive selection 4 x C90-C110

Fag Radio's Bristol transmissions ran from early 2012 to summer 2015 mainly out of the FAG Studios in King Square Bristol. Curated and run by Zamzam's H and Olmo, the station broadcast over 80 live performances from visiting musicians and artists over its three year period. The show also travelled, broadcasting from other spaces and festivals in the UK and Europe before relocating and broadcasting it's last few closing transmissions from 'The Zone' warehouse.

This boxset focuses on the Bristol Broadcasts with 4 cassettes from C90 to C110. 8 full sides from 20 different artists selected from some of the most memorable performances from the Fag Radio archive. Housed in a handmade box, It also includes a hand bound 30 page book filled with photographs documenting Fag Radio and its shows. all hand screen-printed by Bathtub printing.

A joint release from Bumtapes & Zamzam rec. limited to 26 copies. (only 13 in the UK) 

UK / World orderz > bumtapes (at) gmail.com
Europe orderz > zamzam (at) zamzamrec.org

H.U.M - We Are One. C30



Screen printed edition of 44
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more info here.. http://www.zamzamrec.org/HUM.html

JOEY CHAINSAW - Wraiths of Stokes Croft C18

Make no mistake this is a vivid slice of Joey Chainsaw... a glittering wound of luminescent noise from deep within Cava basement clawing at the sky in a abattoir of electrics and mangled supermarket trolleys...
limited to 25 and housed in a limited edition screenprinted box.


A concept album dedicated to his cat, ‘Gay Wish’ is the latest release from Back to the Future the Ride, solo project of Brian Miller (Foot Village, Deathbomb Arc). It is also his last release under this moniker, sculpted both as an intentional goodbye to this project and gateway to his next, True Neutral. Part soundscape and part future R&B, 'Gay Wish' delivers with a refreshing approach to noise that pulls from the entire emotional spectrum, not just disdain
and longing. Romance and a generally sweet sense of humor abound.

GNAR HEST - The Dogs Churned C27

Righteous synth compositions for the ultimate end of level boss. Matt Loveridge (Team-Brick, Beak>,Klad-Hest) lays down what sounds like an 8-bit soundtrack from a lost sci-fi epic. Analogue cityscapes, Hero back-stories and future Sci-fi chase scenes fill this cassette from start to finish. This recording showcases Matt’s true understanding of sound and composition.

ARCHERS BY THE SEA – Paper Light C43

Sun faded guitar loops, chiming electronic pulses, synths and vocal echoes drift around each other, building and dropping over distant bass drum rhythms, filling both sides of this tape with beautifully constructed and imaginative songs.

YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS/THE GOAT – Wax hearts Melt on/super dreamer infinite being (split) C42

A new cassette from the bumtapes international split series, joining together Youth Championships (UK) (Theo from ‘Lasers from Atlantis’ new solo project) and The Goat (US). Theo’s dreamtime organ chords float through both tracks, accompanied by hushed drones, singing symbols and small pockets of freeform drumming his skillful compositions make for a blissful musical journey. On the split side The Goat takes things to a more up-tempo level, creative beats and breaks drive a series of new-age synth work-outs, short otherworldly voice samples and field recordings drop into the mix at times creating a collage of up-lifting transmissions..

WYZ – wyz C43

This epic Jam comes from some of the major key players in Europe’s Free-Folk/Improv units, touching on the collective hoedowns of Sunburned Hand of the Man, NNCK and Fuzzed out 70’s Psych Rock communes, this jam session from Finland a few years ago is a one time project called WYZ consisting of Jani (Uton), Jari (Kulkija,Vapaa), Jukka (Rambling Boys), Erno (Garden of Worm) and Veli (Tulasi,Kutomo).These guys channel out a deep, slow building flow of percussion, that grows in size, speed and instruments, steering all member into tranced out submission…

DREAMCATCHER – Thoracic Empires C26

Opening band for this years Godspeed ATP Festival, Canadian duo Dreamcatcher offer mumbled echoes of subdued glitching and suffocated swirling rotations, vocals burst through with static annihilation, dot matrix printers vomit lost crawling roaches, that climb over the side, up the walls, across ceilings and back down again as their waves repeat faster and faster! As if it were the new euphoria, the world would be even more twisted in a terminator house party kinda way! These guys lay between fire alarm cool and holocaust escape!! Aquatic sci-fi pulses eat at the heart while it pounds to the disintegrating beat…includes Full Fold-out Thoracic Empire! 50 copies



Sofie Cooper (whose music has appeared in many guises throughout the uk underground) & London based artist Billy A,B create an incredibly colourful palette of dreamscape drones, all woven together with battered late night guitars, keyboards, synths and sepia snapshots of memories. The flip side of the tape is Antwerp’s Innercity, the solo project of Hans Dens whose futuristic experimental beats hit you like a wave of pulsating neon colours, the whole side is one long synth journey which flows with a Kosmiche current in a New Age Ocean.. 40 copies

www.sumocloud.com www.myspace.com/sophiecoopermusic http://www.myspace.com/theantimindistheinnercity


Tempel Lunaire consists of Stefan Kushima (Cruise Family / Tempel Solaire) Artem Bezukladnikov (Kema / Himroshima Bird Market) Eric Arn (Tempel Solaire / Jandeks european tour bassist) and his wife Vanessa Arn. This alliance transmits some radical omissions of cosmic ritualistic drones and mantra's, buried spirit's groaning from beneath this cakey sweet goo with whisking percussion palpitating in a slowed down grey area rhythm, kinda like a SPK spliced with old skool Skaters. Some sweet subtle breakdowns, with bows and further ascending groans breaking down furthermore into bare room snare pounding before the ecstasy of the Bside. It strays into luscious pulsations that break into your intoxicated state of mind! This sweet sweet 30 minute cassette exudes an other! 40 copies



Two sides of some of the best new-age synth compositions I’ve heard, both bands electronic mysticism and alien keyboard transmissions melt your brainstem and reset it to factory setting. Limited to 30 copies

LACE BOWS – Morte do Artista C82


Two massive sides of warm atmospheric experimentation that slowly drifts the listener into a microcosm of synth explorations, the perfect late night burner… Limited to 25 copies


Canada’s Skullbong lay down a long side of live claustrophobic electronic compositions including a live radio transmission. Zodiac toys are from Bristol, proof that high-grade and low-fi do mix. Limited to 25 copies



Alice Dourlen’s phantom vocals and otherworldly guitar comes echoing straight from the heart. Her spiritual offerings manifest themselves into a series beautiful psychedelic songs accompanied by pounding drums and spiralling outer space keyboards they create a very haunting personal album. Limited to 25 copies


Bumtapes is more than pleased to present the first ever record of the incredible men diamler live experience. the permatouring south west tornado has electrified audiences up and down the country with a mix of hushed spirituals and blood flecked blues stomp holler, With lyrics that mix quiet wisdom with surreal black humour delivered by a unique and vibrant voice you owe it to yourself to see him in the flesh. This is the next best thing. two full sides of the cream of his recent tour... highly recommended .
limited 65 copies

AL QAEDA - Hundreds of Wives Only a Few are Dead. C38


Al Qaeda’s shimmering digital pulses, floating guitar and manipulated ambient sounds drift the listener into a state of total sci-fi meditation…

limited release



Dreamcolour’s side undulates with bells, horns and strings forming a mysterious noir atmosphere, with distant percussive shapes slowly forming into constant pounding drum patterns, it’s when they stop its time to worry. In complete contrast Lasers from Atlantis drops in with a blast of pure psychedelic energy, huge drums, symbols and throbbing bass drive fuzzed out guitar and wailing vocals to complete aural assault. Let the underwater battle commence.

limited release

LEE NOBLE - Loaded Image C46


Lee Noble’s music is hard to pin down, harmoniums breathe haunting drones, ethereal vocals chant, eastern strings and percussion are enveloped by new age synths, otherworldly analogue interludes creep in and dusty pianos sing their last songs. Each song has been crafted to perfection and blends perfectly, turning the whole cassette into one long narrative.

limited release

Huh. Huh C90


Hailing from Japan Huh are a duo consisting of Takuma Mori and Kyosuke Terada. Their glacially textured improv jams swirl in and out of dub, pop, punk, freeform jazz, psychedelia and noise. The first side is a continuous 45 minute jam that takes in all manner of explorations driven by some of the most awesome Improvised drumming and weird space alien vocalised mantras. Laser beams swirling amidst kaleidoscopic guitar, moments of sweet beautiful jewels build up into cacophonous mountains collapsing upon themselves and as the remnants settle, another biker lullaby is born riffing into oblivion… The flip side is broken down into five improvised pieces which bring us more ferociously pounding loose rhythms and synthesized skoozing vocals, like a playful dub roots petting zoo, reminiscent at times of the Slits, Cotton Casino, and NNCK. These guys are breaking through with these immense freeform jams and an emphasis on freeform! Huh receive and transmit something so accurately and pure that it emits liberation upon the listener. These guys sound like a present day Boredoms covering themselves from 15 years ago!

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides / SABOTEUSE split C48


PWHMOBS side opens with percussive floatations leading astray into warm haunted passages, orbiting tones chop and knead into clustered leaf fallen gluey patch bird songs over spools of glistening feedback and fluid rhythms. Meandering flutes rest upon a creaking and cracking muffled voice splashing light and tranquillity builds wrapped within a possessed freak-out trance. The Saboteuse side begins by peaking into limits of screeched out feedback and pounding metallic percussion, like a bunch of dustbins hurling in an almighty tornado…. rainbows breakout of the cracked piercings, deep rich tones over grow, almost as though this music / experience in its boundlessness cannot be held on a format. Followed with a track of warm muffled humming, scraped strings and singing flutes in some faraway cassette spooled woodland..

BambiKill / Joey Chainsaw. Split C51

BambiKill and Joey Chainsaw’s split tape collaboration is born screaming from all basements of weathered rented city houses. Joe and Christelle have been making Art and Music as a duo in Bristol for some while now, and are finally captured here together for the first time. Subterranean amps rumble and strain under the shifting earth-tones channelled by their guitars, a real unity can be heard as both musicians lay down tracks of personal psychedelic beauty, Joey’s bowed rusted guitar strings carefully sing alongside Christelle’s haunting vocals and stripped down fuzzed out guitar…Huge riffs are held down and restrained as metal strings scrape and echo into drifting delicate song structures, reminiscent of charalambides etc..

Julian Lynch / Zodiac Toys split C33


New Jersey’s Julian Lynch brings three laidback songs from the Garden. (for fans of Ducktails, Real Estate et al) Zodiac Toys are from Bristol.

UNKNOWN ARTIST - Unknown Title C36


Scored a few copies of this incredible cassette, yet to research exactly who plays on this release or what country it comes from (any suggestions would be greatly appreciated). 10 sublime songs of warm jazz soaked, I’m guessing 60’s or 70’s Asian pop! Including one of the most romantic sounding love ballads on record! For fans of Mississippi records, Sublime Frequencies etc…

SECOND FAMILY BAND – Dream Release C33


Another incredible offering from the SFB camp, documenting their huge collective burnouts. side A begins with a Murky laidback basement jam which quickly morphs into a psychedelic banjo romp, and ends with the incredible tropical sounding shamanic title track.

The flip sides drugged up guitar solo and loose percussion keeps the pace for another of the band’s sonic meditations, which all accumulates into the last track’s laid back Dub Vibes, perfectly suited for heaviest smokers soundtrack.

limited to 40 copies

CAREFREE ETURNUM – Deep Cleaning with Roger Linn. C52


Carefree Eturnum is the solo project of Ian Murphy, known for being one half of Gryn Brvs and numerous other noise based projects like Hobo Sonn. Ian slides back into pure drone basics with this release, delivering two sides of drifting tape echoes, organic percussion and gentle shimmering feedback. One to keep an eye out for at this years Colour out of Space.

Limited to 20 copies

KNITTED ABYSS – Spring Barn. C34


Knitted Abyss are Lucy Phelan and Anna John, hailing from Sydney’s DIY music scene. with this their third cassette release ‘Spring Barn’ they start in full on cosmic jam mode, entangling droning guitars, organ and vocal chants, which buzz, hum and meld together while slowly building into the perfect Eastern Raga, long beautiful meditative rhythms slowly drift the listener back into consciousness.

40 individual full colour handmade tape covers.




Second release from the North Carolina duo. Nine tracks of loose but incised guitar meandering and vivacious electronic clamor punctuated by the occasional vocal flourish. Hammering their stake into the same ground as Blues Control, Aaron Dilloway and even late 80s Buttholes.

Limited to 25 copies.


SECRET COLORS- Infinite Wandering. C34


Secret Colors is the solo project for Seattle’s Matt Lawson, who has conjured up an incredible album of carefully crafted blissful songs, Keys and Guitars are washed clean with effects, bubbling then overflowing with layers of slow burning grooves melting into deep reflective rhythms, all executed in full on dub mode. Cassettes are housed in hand-cut high quality paper collage covers. If you’re currently digging the sounds of Ducktails, Sun Araw et al, this one is not to be missed!

limited 30 copies


bumtapes@gmail.com for orders

TREEHOUSE PEOPLE – Crystal Limbs C30

sold out
The second release for this new-age, keyboard driven sci-fi duo, two sides of psychedelic dream excursions, Bladerunner burnouts and synth drenched krautrock rhythms make up one of their most beautiful releases to date.
"Cooperation of Stefan Kushima & Iko Nori spending some nights with the Casio VL Tone,
Feedback loops in minimal construction, a child’s dream in bubblevariations”

limited 25 copies

TULASI - Huomen Tuone. C34

TULASI – Huomen Tuone. C34 SOLD OUT

Bumtapes is proud to give you another chance to hear this incredible album, plus another previously
unreleased track from the same sessions, and with all new artwork.
Originally released on vinyl in an edition of 118 copies by Troglosound in 2008 (now totally sold out)
Finland’s Tulasi crafted an album drenched in Eastern drones and Finnish backroad folk meditations,
The two musicians who make up the band have also featured in bands such as Vapaa, Keijo & Free Players,
Aan, Uton, Kulkija and Kutomo. And have also previously released a cassette on Sloow tapes.
To quote the original write up for the LP...."One of the most harmonic expressions of spiritual freak-folk coming out from Finland, Tulasi spreads around warm and positive feelings, created through spontaneous junctions of flute, guitar, violin, percussions, tambura and voices. So, the perfect sound to bring our Souls peacefully inside the wintertime is coming directly from the North”.
limited 35 copies

COMPASSING - old woes new hopes. C50


COMPASSING – old woes new hopes. C50
Theres a hell of a lot going on in this new 10 track cassette by the two guys who make up the band Compassing.
A microcosm of sounds, tiny little experimentations click into view then whirl away, an orchestra of warped instruments throb and groove against each other only to be joined together by the occasional chugging krautrock pulse and scattered free form drumming, kind of like Faust jamming with Taj Mahal Travellers and being produced by Louis & Bebe Barron.
Limited to 20.

JOSHOOA AND THE (7th/13th) MOON - The Hundred Monkey Effect C32

Joshooa and the (7/13th) Moon – ‘the Hundred Monkey Effect’ C32
Murky underwater tape collages, haunted siren feedback, ghostly vocals, ancient lumbering figures sifting through the rubble. Joshua McAbee creates the most incredible experimental soundscapes, sounding like the perfect field recording beamed back from a crumbling futuristic Babylon.
Limited 20 copies

RAHDUNES - Drink and Drive or Smoke and Fly. C30

Totally blown away with this new release by the mighty Rahdunes,
Two full sides of thick smoke driven grooves and swirling, zoned out synths that grow, collapse and fold in on each other, only to be washed clean by waves of some of the most earth shattering drums I’ve heard on tape for a long time!
Edition of 40


"a vibrant struggle" is a collaboration between Norwegians Sindre Bjerga and Jan M. Iversen (aka Bjerga/Iversen) and Dutchman Steffan de Turck (aka staplerfahrer). At the end of September 2007, they spent a long weekend in a wooden cabin up high in the Norwegian mountains, to fill up a pile of tapes with some blissful drones, crackling/clanging electro-acoustics, wood thumping and the occasional guitar picking.
"Fossils From the Sun" is sound recorded in Albany, NY by Ray Hare who also plays in Burnt Hills, Century Plants and with other artists in the Albany experimental community. To date its mostly been created using VW and Mercury guitars, microphones, feedback, fx loops and vocals.

Zack Kouns - Network and Circuitry of Nettles C34

Kouns’ lyrical vignettes are full of disturbing yet precisely rendered detail. His poetry is sharp; his thoughts have impact. As if scared of the vision he has aired, he allows the song’s structure to dissolve in a barrage of retro computer game chirps and thundering distorted drone. This is like nothing else.The vocals stretch and change shape throughout; operatic warbles giving way to staccato beat poet utterances - all managing to convey emotion successfully, if unconventionally. The love songs here hammer at your conscience, dent your cynicism and bruise your contempt. Drenched in an omnipresent inventiveness, Kouns’ textured room tones and iambic electronica prolapse in delightful circus pop and modem riffage. Like a modern, less inflated and self-consciously ‘far-out’ Trout Mask Replica, Kouns has created a subtle, chaotic masterpiece.

Maths Balance Volumes - tried to make a call C11

Fractured vocal vignettes, broken organ melodies, squelchy stunted phrases and echoey grunted rhythms.an entropic and mathsy meltdown.
limited to 50

Drunjus - master tree finder C52

Two new side long pieces from Wisconsin's Drunjus, Master Tree Finder drones, chimes and resonates with two long Earthy Meditations..
Tangible and guttural, this narrative of basslines, brown notes, and whispered instructions sees Drunjus rumble through bleak drone-plains. You hear the thud of fingers working layers of feedback and mechanical hum into solid strata, building a soundscape barren and unforgiving yet organic, touched by foggy realism. It flickers, then flares, then dies out only to fizzle and brood in murky depths. Then slowly, purposefully it gains momentum, sucking in the weight through repetition until once more it chunders, bursting blackness and light. Fragile keyboard melodies grow up between grey paving slabs of interstellar, cellar rock; dank dungeon drone; cave-like catacomb of charred chord progressions that disappear into the sharp, needles and screech of illumination.
limited to 40 copies