FAG RADIO - Bristol Broadcast Archive selection 4 x C90-C110

Fag Radio's Bristol transmissions ran from early 2012 to summer 2015 mainly out of the FAG Studios in King Square Bristol. Curated and run by Zamzam's H and Olmo, the station broadcast over 80 live performances from visiting musicians and artists over its three year period. The show also travelled, broadcasting from other spaces and festivals in the UK and Europe before relocating and broadcasting it's last few closing transmissions from 'The Zone' warehouse.

This boxset focuses on the Bristol Broadcasts with 4 cassettes from C90 to C110. 8 full sides from 20 different artists selected from some of the most memorable performances from the Fag Radio archive. Housed in a handmade box, It also includes a hand bound 30 page book filled with photographs documenting Fag Radio and its shows. all hand screen-printed by Bathtub printing.

A joint release from Bumtapes & Zamzam rec. limited to 26 copies. (only 13 in the UK) 

UK / World orderz > bumtapes (at) gmail.com
Europe orderz > zamzam (at) zamzamrec.org