KEIJO - What all whom Slowly... cdr

Finland's Keijo offers up another collection of Fractured Guitar explorations and Droning Forest Jams…. Bumtapes is proud to present a Limited to 50 CDR with Twelve Tracks of beautiful music with full colour pasted photo covers....

New Keijo albums are quite difficult to find these days even though he seems to be quite prolific again after a few years of scattered releases. I fell upon this one by surprise while perusing Eclipse Records catalog. I usually find them on one of the millions of mailing lists I'm on, but this one went right by me, unannounced. These recent records come out on all sorts of obscure labels, yet they sound as if they were taken from one single, weekend jam with friends. They are often quite similar, but this one seems to be an exception. What All Whom Slowly Where Saying Simply Why Still Bright? feels like a breath of fresh air when compared to it's companion's often bland jam sessions. Whom Do You Know for example feels like a hippy folk tune gone wrong while Simply This sounds like an out take from 2005's incredible By The Mountains & The Sea. If you're not too sure which of his latest albums to get, don't hesitate about this one! It won't disappoint!

Mathieu Duval