PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT magic flowers dubbed C22

Psychedelic Horseshit. 'magic flowers dubbed' C22
Dirt driven overturned casio mangled, gravel mulched pop songs.
Broken down folk house incinerators, sun bleached unearthed oceanic murmurs….
edition of 50. 
I wouldn’t guess most would consider this a must-own release, but it certainly presents an interesting piece of the Psychedelic Horseshit puzzle. Fittingly for the format, there’s plenty of experimentation going on as the band plays around with their sound. “Catch a Wave” could’ve been on the album and is their typically awesome noise-pop. Next up is “Rather Dub,” where the tape takes on a life of its own. Devoid of any melodies, the song is a droning soundscape—a completely atmospheric track. This style is expanded upon on the flipside in “Bob Dylan’s 42nd Annual Report,” which is a track full of feedback, Casio play, effects, and stray noises that runs the entire length of the side. About halfway through the song, the band joins in with a short track of acoustic guitar and vocals played directly over the noise track. When it ends, the song plays out as it began, with a hypnotizing array of noise. It’s a cool and unusual tape that I’d recommend spending some time with.(DH)